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Several years ago, a well know developer in Philadelphia named Carl Dranoff contacted me, because he was interested in purchasing a Steinway grand piano for his new building adjacent to Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. This new beautiful luxury condominium high rise had been appropriately named Symphony House, and the residents of the city had watched it grow over Broad Street during the winter and into late spring.

Symphony House

Symphony House on the Avenue of the Arts

I met Mr. Dranoff at the Steinway selection room at Jacobs Music Company to show him the various options available to him. Knowing his concern for space, I lead him directly to Steinway’s 5’ 1” Model S.  The smallest of the Steinway Grands, this model first debuted in 1936 and its design and creation are Steinway lore. “Mr. Dranoff,” I said, “this instrument would be the perfect complement to your new building. It has a Philadelphia connection.”  As the story goes, in the early 1930’s the great pianist, Josef Hoffman, was the director of Philadelphia’s famed Curtis Institute of Music. Mr. Hoffman desired a smaller Steinway grand which would fit into the confined practice spaces of Curtis. During this time Josef was in constant correspondence with his friend and contemporary Theodore Steinway of Steinway & Sons.  It was with Hoffman’s steady encouragement and feedback as well as the evolution of Steinway’s revolutionary new “Diaphragmatic Soundboard” that the ingredients for the design and production of this remarkable new Steinway came together and this model became a reality.

The originals plans for the revolutionary "Diaphragmatic" soundboard.

The original plans for the revolutionary “Diaphragmatic” soundboard.

“This Model S would be the perfect instrument for Symphony House,” I told Mr. Dranoff, “with its Philadelphia (Curtis) roots it creates a triangle of excellence: Symphony House, The Kimmel Center, and Curtis.” Mr. Dranoff loved the story and the marketing angle, so he immediately authorized its purchase. I was elated!

Two days later I received a call from Mr. Dranoff’s executive assistant. “Mr. Love, Mr. Dranoff would like you to provide him with some documentation on the story you told him about the Model S.” “Documentation?” I asked. “Yes,” she said, “documentation.” Her tone and tenure left no doubt that this was of great importance to Mr. Dranoff and without it both reputation and sale could be at risk.

I hung up having gone from elated to deflated in a single call. So, I called the Steinway factory in search of documentation. My first stop was the then Executive Vice President of Steinway, Mr. Frank Mazurco. “Documentation!” he exclaimed, “That is a story told down through the generations, and I am not aware of any documentation. Why don’t you try Peter Goodrich (Concert & Artists Director)? He has all the old Steinway Magazines and there might be something there. Thus, my next stop was with Peter. “Documentation!” said Peter, “I’ll look but I cannot recall anything about this story in the magazines.”

Several days later he called with words I didn’t want to hear—he hadn’t been able to find the Model S story. Sensing my desperation, he encouraged me to set up a phone call with Henry Z. Steinway- the great grandson of the founder of Steinway & Sons. Mr. Steinway, then in his early nineties, was the voice of sophistication and class. When I spoke to him, his response was a more refined yet no less emphatic “Documentation?” Fortunately, he began to muse… “My Uncle Ted’s papers were donated to the University of Maryland, and if there is anything to be found that is where you would find it.” I thank him for his guidance and began the next phase in my search for documentation.

I tracked down the phone number for the archive department and dialed the number. “Documentation?” said the graduate assistant, when I explained my story and my need. “Sir, we have boxes and boxes of materials from Theodore Steinway!” But I persisted- politely encouraging him that any papers from the 1930s with the Model S or Curtis referenced would be greatly appreciated. He agreed, somewhat dubiously, to look through the files for me. Several days later the assistant called with surprising news –he had found two letters which seemed to be what I was looking for. A scan and email later, I had in my possession two letters which related to the advent of the Model S: A letter on Curtis letterhead, signed by Josef Hoffman, requesting the delivery of six of the new Model S pianos, and a personal note on stationary from the ‘Red Coach Inn of Niagra Falls’ in which Mr. Hoffman expresses his appreciate and warm regards for the new Model S to his good friend Theodore Steinway.


Josef Hoffman orders six of the new Model S Grands for Curtis.

Josef Hoffman orders six of the new Model S Grands for Curtis. (plus a Model D or two)

A personal note of appreciation from Josef to Theodore Steinway

A personal note of appreciation from Josef to Theodore Steinway

If you are in Philadelphia and make your way to the eight floor club at Symphony House take a look behind the Model S in residence there and you will see prominently featured and framed “Documentation!”

This story, for me, is like each Steinway… unique and priceless.

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